What psoriasis treatments can you get without a prescription?

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Prescription medications are effective against psoriasis. However, there are many best treatments for psoriasis that you can get without a prescription as well. Knowing the right treatments for guttate psoriasis without prescription is important in managing the condition of your child. Similarly, over-the-counter treatments for plaque psoriasis can be helpful for adults who cannot afford a proper doctor’s consultation. The current article will discuss effective treatments for psoriasis that are available without a prescription, including:

Coal Tar

Coal tar is a regularly used ingredient in all forms of psoriasis treatments, including prescription treatment products. The product can reduce the flaking of skin and calm itchiness. Furthermore, it can be effective against the swelling and scarring of the skin. The therapeutic effects in the slowed growth of skin cells as well. However, excessive application of coal tar can irritate your skin. Some people are naturally sensitive to the product, which means that using the product can aggravate their condition. Thus, only use coal tar on a small area first. If the results are positive, then use it over your entire body.

Hydrocortisone creams and ointments for plague psoriasis treatment

Mild corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone are available as over-the-counter medications that don’t require any prescription to purchase. This treatment is suitable for people who have only a few patches of red blisters or scales on their bodies. Using the product can reduce itchiness and inflammation. It may also help to heal bleeding and scarred skin. Use ointments instead of creams to reduce the chances of skin irritation.


Dry skin is a major risk factor for a psoriasis flare-up. Thus, moisturizing your skin provides a natural treatment for plaque psoriasis. The best way to keep your skin moisturized is by applying a moisturizer. These products seal skin water, allowing your skin to heal. Additionally, daily use can help in skin betterment as well. I prefer using a moisturizer that is fragrance-free and has no alcohol added. Otherwise, it may result in long-term damage to the skin. You may use the moisturizer a few minutes before taking a bath.

Scale Softeners

Salicylic acid helps reduce swelling and soften the scales that develop on your skin due to psoriasis. The acid is also suitable for scalp psoriasis. It provides the best treatment for scalp psoriasis if used with urea and lactic acid. Always use them 15-20 minutes before taking a refreshing bath.

Anti-inching products

Itching is a major symptom of psoriasis that causes a lot of discomfort. Without the itching, it can be a lot easier for the patients to manage their condition. The best way to use anti-itch products is to look for the ones that have camphor, calamine, hydrocortisone, and menthol in it. Remember, such products, if used in excess, may lead to dry skin, causing further itching once you stop using them. Also, it may lead to skin irritation. Moisturize your skin using anti-itch products.

Other treatment options

Other products like jojoba oil and zinc pyrithione can be effective in plaque psoriasis treatment as well. They can reduce itching and may reduce other symptoms of psoriasis as well. However, always consider the side effects of natural ingredients before using them frequently.


Sometimes, getting a prescription may not be possible. In such cases, patients with psoriasis can use the solutions mentioned above to deal with the illness. However, it is best to consult a doctor before regularly using any of these products. Let us know in the comments section if our article was helpful.

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