What Happens If You Don’t Treat Your Psoriasis?

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Untreated psoriasis risk factors are innumerable. Some people prefer living with the disease instead of going through the process of treatment. Such choices can be based on several factors. However, most of these people are unaware of what happens if psoriasis is left untreated. It can cause severe complications in the long term that can be life-threatening as well. Here, the article will discuss what happens if psoriasis is left untreated.

Reasons for not treating psoriasis

There are several reasons why patients may prefer leaving their condition untreated. Some people are afraid of the potential side effects caused by treatment. Others may not have access to the proper care because they lack the necessary insurance cover. Also, many patients may consider their condition normal enough to avoid needing treatment. In such cases, they may prefer waiting for the condition to correct out itself. Pregnant women may prefer delaying the treatment until delivering their baby, while many patients may not afford the treatment. However, most people give up on their treatment regimes due to setbacks and failures.

Physical untreated psoriasis risks

Leaving your psoriasis untreated can lead to excessive plaque buildup on your body. The plaque can spread and cause serious discomfort. Additionally, it may leave scars throughout the body as well. 

A person suffering from scalp psoriasis may experience permanent hair loss. Furthermore, there could be irreversible changes to your fingernails, which may fall off due to prolonged psoriasis. Some people develop arthritis along with psoriasis. In this case, they can suffer from joint stiffness and swelling. For such cases, injectable medications are required for the treatment. Without the treatment, the joints can be damaged permanently and may lead to complete disabling of the patient.

Increased severity of flares

If daily medications are avoided, flares may occur more frequently. Additionally, each flare may be more severe, causing serious frustration. Also, you may suffer from the rebound effect of the medications. A flare may occur as soon as the treatment is stopped causing serious problems for the person. 

In some cases, stopping the medicines related to one type of psoriasis may also lead to another type of psoriasis. In such cases, psoriasis that develops may be uncontrolled, causing serious changes to the skin’s appearance. The sunburn-type rash can spread quickly and may damage the skin completely. People may end up suffering from heart failure due to this type of psoriasis.

Life quality reduces

Insomnia is common due to the pain related to psoriasis. Similarly, most people are unable to play sports or do their routine works easily. In some cases, they may feel unattractive to themselves, leading to complete isolation. 

Suicidal thoughts if psoriasis is left untreated

Some people may face psychological issues due to prolonged psoriasis. They may develop extreme anxiety and depression, which may translate into suicidal attempts in severe cases. Treating psoriasis can help reduce these instincts and increase positivity in the person’s life.

Other inflammatory diseases

Psoriasis may lead to other inflammatory diseases in your body if it is left untreated. In some cases, it can lead to type 2 diabetes or a stroke. In other cases, it can lead to inflammatory bowel disease. The life-threatening complications of psoriasis can not be ignored as well. Remember, it is not just the skin affected: your entire body is at stake if you leave psoriasis untreated.


Psoriasis can lead to further complications and life-threatening situations if it is left untreated. Consider treating your psoriasis today. Let us know if our article helped you in making the right decision.

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