Top 7 Early Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis that You Should Know About

Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is not very common amongst psoriasis patients. It only affects around one-third of psoriasis patients. However, knowing the condition’s symptoms is important to determine if you are developing it to help manage it in advance. Therefore, the current article will consider the seven early symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, including: Sausage Fingers Eye Redness […]

Does Covid-19 vaccination flare-up psoriatic arthritis?

vaccine psoriatic arthritis

Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are prone to further complications if the patients get a dose of different vaccinations. However, no other vaccine has raised more questions compared to the novel Covid-19 vaccine. The main issue is whether the currently available vaccination options offer a suitable vaccine for psoriasis. On the contrary, not getting vaccinated raises […]

How to treat psoriatic arthritis?

psoriatic arthritis treatment

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) may affect your body from both the outside and inside. Treatment for psoriatic arthritis focuses on reducing the inflammation that is adversely impacting your joints. Protecting your joints helps to reduce the pain related to PSA. It is likely for your doctor to consider multiple options to treat psoriatic arthritis. In most […]