Online Therapy During COVID-19

Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg

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Covid-19 and online therapy:

Our mental health is as important as physical. People have been avoiding the importance of mental health for many years. But, with the improving awareness about mental health and psychology, the demand for therapy is increasing. Covid-19 has badly affected a lot of people’s physical health and also mental health. And therapy or psychotherapy can be a great help to our mental health. But the problem is, Due to the effect of covid-19 it is not safe and sometimes impossible to go and meet a psychiatrist or therapist in person. So, online therapy is probably the best option during covid-19.

Why you should get online therapy during covid-19?

Not like everyone should get psychotherapy. You should take it if you feel the necessity of it. If you need to take therapy, taking it online can come up with some extended utilities.

Online therapy is safe:

Getting out of the home has become insecure due to the effects of Coronavirus. You never know when you will catch the virus. This is why specialists suggested staying home. You can’t get an in-person psychotherapist without meeting the therapist in person. Even you can manage to meet a therapist in person, you both can’t avoid the risk of getting affected by Covid-19. But online therapies enable you to meet or consult with a psychologist virtually. So, there is no risk.


To get online therapy, you don’t have to take any extra hassle such as driving to the psychiatrist’s place, parking your car, waiting in the jam, taking leave from work, paying for your travel, and so on… For online therapy, all you have to do is making an appointment with an online therapist or register for an online therapy session. The whole process can be done in a few minutes on your handset or computer device. The process will also save a lot of time for you. Getting online psychotherapy is super easy just if you know how to use the internet. So overall you don’t need to take any extra hassle to get therapy if you take it online.


The financial crisis is a major issue during covid-19. A lot of people lost their jobs and getting lower wages. Most online sessions will cost you lower charges compared to in-person therapy. You don’t have to escape work to attend a session and don’t even need to pay for your transport.


According to the latest studies, most people found online therapies as effective as offline or in-person therapies. Many others said it was more effective than that. And why wouldn’t when they got a lot of extended facilities with online therapy in comparison.


You can have online therapy when you are free. You may easily find a therapist who is probably offering service in the evening or night as well as during traditional work hours.

And a lot more reasons such as easiness, no/less hesitation, comfort, etc. make online therapy a better choice, especially in the pandemic.


The situation Covid-19 has created hurts a lot of people’s psychological health. Especially those who were already dealing with it before the pandemic and stopped their treatment because of it. Now meeting a psychologist in person has become risky and close to impossible in some ways.

Of course, taking the therapy in person is unavoidable in some cases. And online therapy is not suitable for all kinds of problems. Also, it has some noticeable limitations such as the therapist can’t always understand the patient’s body language. Someone may also feel uncomfortable consulting with the psychologist. But if you feel the necessity of taking therapy during the pandemic, you must try online therapy.


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