Online Doctors during COVID-19, Lifesavers from the other side

Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg

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Online doctors: The angels in the dark

We all know what a disaster life has become after 2019. Though Coronavirus started spreading by 2019, we saw the worst of it by 2020. Though vaccines are now invented and given in many regions, still we are not recovered. The role online doctors played during these dark years, cannot be explained in words.

Only hope:

Due to lockdown in different areas of the world, it was close to impossible to get medical help right away. Visiting a medical was riskier and it still is. Many medicals even refused to treat people who have common colds or fever. We can’t blame them. There was a shortage of doctors too. And we can’t avoid the fact that doctors are also at risk of getting affected by Corona. And there was not enough scope to provide common health care when thousands of people are dying every day.

Online doctors were the only hope for the people in general. Most of the online doctors tried their hearts and soul to help people seeking help. Online doctors worked day and night to provide all possible treatments over the internet.

Fighters against Covid-19:

Not everyone who wanted to test if they are covid-19 positive or not could get the test. A lot of people were getting symptoms of covid-19, and they had no idea what they should do. Online doctors helped people with symptoms of covid-19, gave them prescription medication and valuable treatment when they were badly in need of it. There were so many people affected by covid-19, that not the hospital had a space for a new patient. As a result, many people had to get treatment from home and do home quarantine. The only way they could get medical advice was by consulting with online doctors. Many people were cured with the help of online doctors and they thanked them gladly.

Gave free services:

There are so many doctors who understood the call of emergency. They considered treating people as their responsibility. So most of the online doctors gave free services to people seeking help. In social media pages, online chats, groups, online doctor websites, and where ever they found a way, they helped unconditionally. Not only covid-19 patients but all other kinds of patients got treatment from online doctors. 

Why online doctors are the best treatment option in Covid-19

Whenever someone needed medical help, first of all, they had to think about online doctors. Because going to the hospital was scary. It is not a wise decision to go to the hospital for a mild condition such as headaches, common cold, fever, pain, etc. Even the government also encouraged people to take their treatment from home. With the help of online doctors, patients got expert treatment from home just by connecting to the internet and a few tabs on the smartphone. You may take medical advice and treatment through voice or video calling, chatting, emails, etc.  You can communicate with a doctor live just like you do in an in-person meeting. Treatment from online doctors is safe, hassle-free, easy, and cost-efficient. So, online doctors became their first choice and it still is.

End words:

People are getting vaccinated in 2021. Though the Covid-19 condition has improved in comparison. But the pandemic is not gone yet. Many places are still locked down due to the effect of Covid-19. Thousands of people are still dying every day. But the situation could be even worse if there were no doctors online. The role they played is indescribable and still, they are doing it unconditionally.


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