Does Covid-19 vaccination flare-up psoriatic arthritis?

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Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are prone to further complications if the patients get a dose of different vaccinations. However, no other vaccine has raised more questions compared to the novel Covid-19 vaccine. The main issue is whether the currently available vaccination options offer a suitable vaccine for psoriasis. On the contrary, not getting vaccinated raises the question of what the psoriasis covid-19 effect shall be. The bottom line is that getting the psoriasis vaccine in covid-19 can protect be beneficial. Here, the article shall discuss whether covid-19 vaccination causes psoriatic arthritis flareup, including:

  • Is it safe to get the Covid-19 vaccine if a person has psoriatic arthritis?
  • Is the vaccine less effective for patients with psoriatic arthritis?
  • Side effects of vaccines on psoriatic patients
  • Could Covid-19 cause a psoriatic arthritis flareup?

Is it safe to get the Covid-19 vaccine if a person has psoriatic arthritis?

Yes! Psoriatic arthritis is not a preventative factor or contraindication for the covid-19 vaccine. People who have psoriatic arthritis are at a greater risk of catching covid-19. Also, catching the disease, they are likely to face severe symptoms that may have fatal consequences. However, the research is still in progress to determine the actual reason for the severe symptoms: psoriasis, steroid medicine, or age.

The main concern arises because people with autoimmune diseases like psoriasis may face a reaction by taking immunity-boosting medications. MMR live vaccine for measles may cause this effect. The reason is that such live vaccines have a weakened virus added to them. It stimulates the immune system to combat the virus. However, for people suffering from autoimmune diseases, their condition can worsen by a more active immune system. As of now, Covid-19 vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna are not using the live vaccine method. They are very safe and can not cause the virus itself. Thus, people using immunosuppressants to deal with autoimmune diseases like psoriasis can safely use the vaccines.

Is the vaccine less effective for patients with psoriatic arthritis?

The research is still very limited to make any conclusions regarding this aspect. Further research can help determine if people suffering from autoimmune diseases like psoriasis may find the vaccine effective.

However, most experts support getting vaccinated even if a person has psoriatic arthritis. The core philosophy is to get some protection, if not all, to ensure safety. However, the patients must follow the mitigation efforts to keep themselves safe from corona even after getting the vaccine.

Side effects of vaccines on psoriatic patients

Patients who have psoriatic arthritis may face some side effects of the vaccination. However, these effects are similar to the psoriatic flareup that they face due to their disease. The common side effects include pain in the arm where the vaccine shot was injected. You may face redness and swelling on the vaccinated arm as well. The first few days may have chills, fever, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, and nausea. Most of these side effects are common with the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis as well. In some cases,  vaccinated psoriatic arthritis patients may develop a skin rash a few days after getting the shot. However, none of the reactions should act as a preventative from getting the vaccine.

Could Covid-19 cause a psoriatic arthritis flare-up?

There are chances that autoimmune diseases may flare up severely after catching covid-19. Thus, avoiding covid-19 is extremely important for autoimmune patients such as those who have psoriasis. 

Additionally, the virus can also increase the frequency of flareups due to the infection it causes. Currently, no controlled clinical studies have been performed to confirm this aspect.


Safety is the best solution. Get your covid-19 vaccine today to reduce the chances of catching the covid-19 virus. Psoriatic patients must take the vaccine to avoid serious complications from coronavirus.

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