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Online doctors are lifesavers!

Online doctors have made our life easier in many ways. Technology has brought a wide range of services online and online healthcare service is one of the best online services you can expect to have. The world has understood the importance of online doctors even deeper after the covid-19 breakout in 2020. The pandemic is still active in most places. When visiting hospitals physically became close to impossible and dangerous, online doctors were our only hope. The role they are playing at this horrible time of pandemic is incredible.

Online Doctors and their service:

The term online doctor does not need any explanation in today’s world. Online doctors are the physicians and health practitioners who provide healthcare and drug prescription over the internet. Don’t get confused. Online doctors are in most cases the same people providing health care in a hospital.

The process of taking service from an online doctor is almost like the way you take service from standard doctors. When you need to meet a doctor physically, you make an appointment with the doctor, visit him accordingly, explain/show your problems, he gives you necessary advice and prescription, you follow it. The process is similar (or simpler) in terms of online doctors but here you do it on the internet.

How to find online doctors and how do they provide healthcare?

Some different online platforms or websites work as the middleman between you and the doctors. Usually, you can see all the necessary information such as specialization, certification, experience, name, picture, etc. about the (registered) doctors on the website. You have to search for a doctor who is specialized in the type of problem you have. Then you have to set an appointment with him.

At the time of the appointment, you will be able to communicate with your doctor through voice or video calls where you can explain or show your problems and previous reports. The online doctor can also ask questions. And he will give you instructions and prescribe medicines if necessary. 

This is how you take service from online doctors. Just like standard doctors, online doctors may also charge you a certain amount of money which is quite reasonable.

When online doctors can be a great help for you in many ways. But, there are some limitations too. Let’s see the pros and cons of taking health care services from an online doctor.


Time-saving: Taking health care from online doctors will save you a lot of time. You don’t need to visit a hospital that may be kilometers away from your location. And don’t even have to worry about waiting on the road because of traffic jams. All you have to do is take out your smartphone, make an appointment, and meet your doctor on time.

Hassle-free: Most people have some minor problems which they avoid just because they don’t want to take the hassle of visiting the hospital. Online doctors made your life hassle-free in this case. You don’t even have to move, leave alone taking the car out, driving to the hospital and parking the car and so on…

Set your schedule: Most of the time when we have to visit doctors, we have to skip our work as we adjust with the time of appointment. But for online doctors, you have the opportunity to set a schedule in your free time. It doesn’t even take that much time to visit online doctors.

Safety: Due to the effect of covid-19, we all know how unsafe it is to go outside, especially to a hospital. Who knows when you will catch the virus. So, when you are visiting a doctor physically you can’t avoid the chance of getting the virus. But there is no such risk when you are taking the service from an online doctor.

The pros are too many to describe. People living in remote areas can access specialized health care. Many people are often shy or hesitate to talk about their physical or mental problems face to face. So online doctors can also be a great help in this case. The service is cost-efficient, easy, and convenient.


Not a solution all the time: Online doctors can see you through the camera of your device and they can talk to you, but they can’t touch you or give you a treatment. All they can do is giving you some advice, answer your questions, prescribe medicines, tests, treatments, etc. So online doctors are not suitable for your treatment all the time, especially when you need a deep examination or emergency medical help.

Technological barrier: Not everyone has a smart device and even if they have, many don’t even know how to use it to take healthcare for online doctors. It is true for both, doctors and patients. The technological barrier is probably the biggest problem to reach an online doctor. However, it is not hard to learn, and many people are now adjusting to the advancement of technology.

Many find in-person communication with a doctor more beneficial and it is true in some cases. It can also be difficult for some to explain their symptoms over the internet. But if you can adjust with the technology then the problems are very few to notice.

End words: 

Online doctors can help you perfectly with non-emergency and minor health problems which can be treated by following the doctor’s suggestion, advice, and prescribed medications. An online doctor can help you with a wide variety of health services. The common conditions may include Allergies, Arthritic Pain, Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds and Flu, Diarrhea, Infections, Insect Bites, Pharyngitis, Conjunctivitis, Rashes, Respiratory Infections, Sinusitis, Skin Inflammations, Cellulitis, Sore Throats, Sprains & Strains, Bladder Infections, UTIs, Sports Injuries, Vomiting, etc. You may also find an online doctor to take emergency advice immediately.

But for major health issues, where some advice and prescription is not enough, if you need a deep inspection for your medical condition, then you should visit the hospital in person.


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