Why shopping online?

Shopping online has become an integral part of our lives. Researching those products has always been and both will only continue to grow. Top10US provides a simplified ranking system for you to easily make your consumer decisions. We list the top products and service providers in dozens of categories according to un-biased reviews to make your life a bit easier.

Easy to use ratings according to Price, Service and Satisfaction.

How do we review?

There are 3 parameters for consumer. Price , customer Service and customer satisfaction. There’s no guarantee that those don’t come hand in hand. Top10US has built a quality control matrix to analyze those three aspects of consumerism and report to you in a way that saves you from the painstaking research.


Each company that is reviewed by Top10US has to go through a filtering process in which we can recognize the overall customer satisfaction level by consumers. Its simple. We use different rating agencies to see the overall reaction to a company. In addition, we also conduct surveys with our users that have purchased products through Top10US on a weekly basis


There aren’t a lot of rules in pricing like in the other 3 criteria. Expensive doesn’t mean good and cheap doesn’t mean bad. We’ll let the other 2 criteria decide that for you and just give you the straight forward cost for whatever you need to know about.


A company can have a great quality product and even an amazing price, but without good customer service it may not be all that amazing after all. Our shortlists take this also into consideration.

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