What are the most common locations for psoriasis?

psoriasis area

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky patches to appear on your skin, especially your elbows, knees, scalp, and trunk. These patches are typically itchy and may bleed slightly if scratched or picked at. Psoriasis can also appear on your fingernails and toenails as well as inside your mouth, on your eyelashes, and […]

What is scalp psoriasis, and what causes it?

what is scalp psoriasis

Many people develop different scalp issues during their lifetime. Some scalp issues cause minor discomfort and are usually correct with time. Others, however, may require rigorous treatment to treat. One such scalp issue is psoriasis. Usually, it may cause serious scalp and neck itch, along with multiple other symptoms. However, many people are still unaware […]

Can scalp psoriasis be cured permanently?

scalp psoriasis

Many people suffering from skin issues are usually looking at whether the issue has a permanent solution. The same approach applies to people suffering from scalp psoriasis. However, there is no comprehensive guide available online to determine if scalp psoriasis is curable. Therefore, many patients are left wondering how effective their current treatment plan shall […]