Is dry eye syndrome dangerous for your eyes?

dry eye disease

Can dry eye cause blindness, dry eye IDC 10, dry eye disease, eye moisturizer drops Many people wake up with dry eyes or experience them during their work. What most don’t know is that dry eyes are part of a condition called dry eye syndrome. This dry eye disease can cause many symptoms, including pain […]

Can you reverse dry eye syndrome?

reverse dry eye

Dry eye remedies, treatment for dry eye, cure for dry eye, dry eye fix, artificial tear eye drop Dry eyes, like many other diseases, can disturb your routine life. People find it hard to focus and work properly. In severe cases, blurred vision and vision-related issues can emerge as well. All these issues can cause […]

Are Artificial Tears Eye Drops Completely Safe?

Artificial Tears

Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable if left untreated and unmanaged. Many people resort to different treatment options for their dry eye feeling. One of the widely sought treatments options is dry eye drops, including artificial tears. These dry eye best drops usually help dry eye-watering and retaining moisture content in the eyes for extended […]

How to Diagnose Dry Eye Syndrome?

dry eye diagnosis

Dry eye conditions can be very discomforting and may cause problems for routine life actions. However, it is common to misjudge some other symptoms with dry eye syndrome. For example, dry eye irritation, dry eye blurring, and dry eye redness are the symptoms caused by many other eye problems. Therefore, proper diagnosis is required to […]

Is Dry Eye Syndrome and Contacts Connected?

dry eye from contacts

Many actions and lifestyle choices can trigger dry eye symptoms in patients. For example, people who smoke regularly or have high alcohol intake can start facing dry eye issues. Another related cause for dry eyes is infections, damaged oil-producing glands in the eyes, and cornea issues. However, most people ignore one issue as a major […]

Will Dry Eyes Get Better or Worse After LASIK?

dry eyes after lasik

People with vision problems often opt for LASIK surgery. In many cases, it helps improve the vision and reverse any serious vision damage that a person has entailed. However, the surgery can result in complications arising, such as exasperated dry eye symptoms. A numberer of reasons can cause dry eyes after LASIK surgery. Similarly, dry […]

Could dry eyes be a Covid-19 symptom?

dry eyes Covid-19

We all know for certain about Covid-19 is how it gives rise to several symptoms from many different illnesses and diseases. For example, many Covid-19 patients develop typhoid as n aftermath of the illness. Similarly, symptoms of a common cold in their extreme form are part of the normal Covid-19 outcomes. One such question is […]